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Those who were expelled
from their homes
without any rights,
merely for saying,
If Allah had driven
some people back
by means of others,
monasteries, churches,
synagogues and mosques,
where Allah's name
is mention much,
would have been pulled
down and destroyed.
Allah will certainly
help those who help Him
Allah is All-Strong
(Qur'an, 22:40)

The earth will
filled with equity
and justice
as it was pre viously
filled with oppression
and tyranny
Abu Dawud)

The heart of people
will be filled
with devotion
and justice
will be spread everywhere
(Bihaarul-anwar, vol51p74

Thursday, May 29, 2008

Conference on Malaysian Study of Islam Department of Theology, Religious, and Islamic Studies University of Wales, Lampeter Ceredigion SA48 7ED Fax: 0044 1570 424987 E-mail:


in collaboration with


are organising a

CONFERENCE ON MALAYSIAN STUDY OF ISLAM "Islam in Malaysia: Past, Present, and Future"

Date: 28th - 29th June 2008 (Saturday-Sunday) Venue: The Arts Hall, University of Wales, Lampeter, College Street, Lampeter, Ceredigion, SA48 7ED


4:50 pm

Friday, February 22, 2008








4:19 pm

Wednesday, September 05, 2007

Honey, You're Pregnant!
Part 2: Watch Out, She's Moody!
By Yasser Aboudouma
Writer, Civil Engineer - Egypt

Taken from at

The first three months represented one-sided arguments, morning sickness, and food cravings. The following three months of pregnancy are like a walking through a minefield, with more one-sided arguments and weight gain. The husband has to expect a lot of warning messages that reflect the pregnant wife's mood, not helped by the fact that she has a career.

Month Four

Wife: See? As I told you before, you have to stop defending them.

Husband: What happened?

Wife: The meeting today! The attendees have not given me my prestige even though they knew about my pregnancy.

Wife: Imagine, once I entered the meeting room, just five people stood up, and the others didn't care.

Husband: WHAT! You had the chance to choose between five seats!

Wife: NO, all people have to stand up and let me choose where I want to sit.

Wife: I'll ask the manager to limit the meeting for three to four people max.; a congested room is not good for my pregnancy.

Husband: Why do you bother? You know, why don't you ask him to cancel all meetings!

Wife: Poor me, you're always mean to me. Even one girl felt sorry for me and let me sit beside the window, and she opened the door too!

Husband: That's not fair for them.

Wife: What! You're worried about them and not me? Men!

At this stage of pregnancy, all husbands have to learn how to control their temper and be patient. A little piece of advice for husbands: Don't try to get involved in any arguments with your lovely, pregnant wife! It's useless, as the argument will end with accusations as if you're the reason for all the destruction and wars in the world! You have to learn that if speech is silver, then silence is solid gold.

Month Five
The fifth month means a lot of activity, so don't be surprised if your wife starts to become more active and looks for extra work to do. As the baby starts growing, the pregnant wife starts getting less sleep and, normally, she won't accept that you sleep while she doesn't! Husbands, don't be scared when your wife wakes you up in the middle of the night with a certain look on her face. In fact, the look is telling you something.

Wife:HURRY! Wake up!

Husband: What is it? What's wrong? Are you sick? Did you hear something? Did someone call? Is there a thief in the house? Is there a fire in the neighborhood?

Wife: No, nothing like that! I just wanted to tell you that I felt the baby move.

Husband: (horrified) WHAAAAAT! You woke me up at — what time is it? – 3 a.m. to tell me that! I have to go to work early tomorrow morning, and I can feel the baby in the morning.

Wife: (looking hurt) You don't like me or our baby. I thought you'd like to share with me these moments.

Husband: OK, OK, let me feel the baby.

You can spend the rest of the night waiting to feel the baby move, which never happens! It's normal. Simply, say you can feel it and make your life easier. The pregnant wife normally feels that she needs care and attention, so be ready to expect any weird request, at any time!

Husband: Honey, I'll take a nap until the food is ready.

Wife: WHAT! You want to go and rest while I stand in the kitchen preparing food instead of coming to give me a hand? OK, your highness! Where is the UN, human rights organizations, and gender equity rules?

Husband: OK, OK, I'm coming. I'll give you a hand; sorry.

Of course, your help will start by washing the raw vegetables, and you'll end up preparing everything while your pregnant wife takes her nap!

Wife: Honey, you can leave the dishes and I'll put them in the dishwasher after I take a nap, but if you insist, it's OK.

Husband: (vexed) OK, honey, I'll put them.

Wife: Fine. Could you bring a glass of water with you. If you prepare tea for yourself, don't forget my cup.

Husband: Ummm, but you said you'll take a nap!

Wife: Yeah, I will after I drink my tea. While you're waiting for the water to boil for the tea, please put the clothes in the washing machine. Plus, there are clothes that need to be folded. Can you do it? I'm very tired.

To all husbands: Be careful of that word, "honey." It's usually followed by "do that" or "don't do that"!

Month Six

With the sixth month comes the weight gain — around 15 kg in the beginning! The pregnant wife is forced to replace her normal clothes with larger sizes. She starts feeling the baby move, and gets disappointed with what she is beginning to look like.

Wife: Why are you smiling like that? Haven't you seen a pregnant woman gaining weight before?

Husband: (trying to hold down his laughter) Of course not. You look the same, but why do you walk like that?

Wife: I'm pregnant; have you forgotten or what?

Husbands, don't expect the lady you married to remain the same girl who likes to share in your thoughts and/or lie difficulties. Their focus changes, and as pregnant women they always like to talk about the pregnancy, and they don't intend or desire to talk about anything else.

Wife: I read online that in the West pregnant women deliver their babies without anesthetics, and sometimes it happens when they're sitting or swimming in a pool. I'll check with my doctor to see about the possibility of doing the same.

Husband: Honey, you're still in your sixth month, and remember that you're in Egypt, not in the West. Tell me first, do you spend all your working day searching for information about pregnancy on the Net? Sweetheart, I tell you what, let's forget about that now, I need to eat.

Wife: I'll prepare something special today. Just go and sit in front of the TV until I finish.

(A couple of hours pass.)

Husband:Honey, where's the food?

Wife: It's not ready yet, it's only 10 p.m., why are you in a hurry?

Husband: Honey, you think 10 p.m. is still early? Let's eat anything, even some cheese.

Wife: (now mad) You're a typical Middle Eastern man; there's no appreciation whatsoever for my effort! Just for your information, my close friend never cooked anything throughout her pregnancy and up until four months after she delivered the baby.

Husband: So what did they eat for the year?

Wife: (in a low voice) Her husband was out of the country for a year, and she stayed at her parents' house.

A wise man once said that parents who failed to raise their son properly shouldn't worry, the wife will certainly do the job!

11:44 am

Wednesday, June 20, 2007

A setback for the Bush doctrine in Gaza

Ali AbunimahThe Electronic Intifada 14 June 2007

The dramatic rout of the US and Israeli-backed Palestinian militias in Gaza by forces loyal to Hamas represents a major setback to the Bush doctrine in Palestine .
Ever since Hamas won the Palestinian legislative elections in the occupied territories in January 2006, elements of the leadership of the long-dominant Fatah movement, including Palestinian Authority chairman Mahmoud Abbas and his advisors have conspired with Israel, the United States and the intelligence services of several Arab states to overthrow and weaken Hamas. This support has included funneling weapons and tens of millions of dollars to unaccountable militias, particularly the "Preventive Security Force" headed by Gaza warlord Mohammad Dahlan, a close ally of Israel and the United States and the Abbas-affiliated "Presidential Guard." US Deputy National Security Advisor Elliott Abrams -- who helped divert money to the Nicaraguan Contras in the 1980s and who was convicted of lying to Congress in the Iran-Contra scandal -- has spearheaded the effort to set up these Palestinian Contras. (This background has been extensively detailed in a number of articles published by The Electronic Intifada in recent months). Abrams is also notorious for helping to cover up massacres and atrocities committed against civilians in El Salvador by US-backed militias and death squads.
Two recent revelations underscore the extent of the conspiracy: on 7 June, Ha'aretz reported that "senior Fatah officials in the Gaza Strip have asked Israel to allow them to receive large shipments of arms and ammunition from Arab countries, including Egypt ." According to the Israeli newspaper, Fatah asked Israel for "armored cars, hundreds of armor-piercing RPG rockets, thousands of hand grenades and millions of rounds of ammunition for small caliber weapons," all to be used against Hamas.>
From the moment of its election victory, Hamas acted pragmatically and with the intent to integrate itself into the existing political structure. It had observed for over a year a unilateral ceasefire with Israel and had halted the suicide attacks on Israeli civilians that had made it notorious. In a leaked confidential memo written in May and published by The Guardian this week senior UN envoy Alvaro de Soto confirmed that it was under pressure from the United States that Abbas refused Hamas' initial invitation to form a "national unity government." De Soto details that Abbas advisers actively aided and abetted the Israeli-US-European Union aid cutoff and siege of the Palestinians under occupation, which led to massively increased poverty for millions of people. These advisors engaged with the United States in a "plot" to "bring about the untimely demise of the [Palestinian Authority] government led by Hamas," de Soto wrote.
Despite a bloody attempted coup against Hamas by the Dahlan-led forces in December and January, Hamas still agreed to join a "National Unity Government" with Fatah brokered by Saudi Arabia at the Mecca summit. Dahlan and Abbas' advisers were determined to sabotage this, continuing to amass weapons, and refusing to place their militias under the control of a neutral interior minister who eventually resigned in frustration.
A setback for United States and Israel
The core of US strategy in the Southwest and Central Asia, particularly Afghanistan , Iraq , Palestine , and Lebanon is to establish puppet regimes that will fight America 's enemies on its behalf. This strategy seems to be failing everywhere. The Taliban are resurgent in Afghanistan . Despite its "surge" the US is no closer to putting down the resistance in Iraq and cannot even trust the Iraqi army it helped set up. The Lebanese army, which the US hopes to bolster as a counterweight to Hizballah, has performed poorly against a few hundred foreign fighters holed up in Nahr al-Bared refugee camp (although it has caused death and devastation to many innocent Palestinian refugees).
Now in Gaza , the latest blow.Israel 's policy is a local version of the US strategy -- and it has also been tried and failed. For over two decades Israel relied on a proxy militia, the South Lebanon Army, to help it enforce the occupation of southern Lebanon . In 2000, as Israeli forces hastily withdrew, this militia collapsed just as quickly as Dahlan's forces and many of its members fled to Israel . Hamas is now referring to the rout of Dahlan's forces as a "second liberation of Gaza ."
A consistent element of Israeli strategy has been to attempt to circumvent Palestinian resistance by trying to create quisling leaderships. Into the 1970s, Israel still saw the PLO as representing true resistance. So it set up the collaborationist "village leagues" in the West Bank as an alternative. In 1976, it allowed municipal elections in the West Bank in an effort to give this alternative leadership some legitimacy. When PLO-affiliated candidates swept the board, Israel began to assassinate the PLO mayors with car bombs or force them into exile. Once some exiled PLO leaders, most notably Yasser Arafat, became willing subcontractors of the occupation (an arrangement formalized by the Oslo Accords), a new resistance force emerged in the form of Hamas. Israeli efforts to back Dahlan and Abbas, Arafat's successor, as quisling alternatives have now backfired spectacularly.
In the wake of the Fatah collapse in Gaza , Ha'aretz reported that Israeli prime minister Ehud Olmert will advise President Bush that Gaza must be isolated from the West Bank . This can be seen as an attempt to shore up Abbas whose survival Israel sees as essential to maintaining the fiction that it does not directly rule millions of disenfranchised Palestinians. A total collapse of the Palestinian Authority would expose Israel 's legal obligation, as the occupying power, to provide for the welfare of the Palestinians it rules.
What now for the Palestinian under occupation?
Abbas has declared a "state of emergency" and dismissed Ismail Haniyeh the Hamas prime minister as well as the "national unity government." The "state of emergency" is merely rhetorical. Whatever control he had in Gaza is gone and Israel is in complete control of the West Bank anyway.
Haniyeh in a speech this evening carried live on Al-Jazeera rejected Abbas' "hasty" moves and alleged that they were the result of pressure from abroad. He issued 16 points, among them that the "unity government" represented the will of 96 percent of Palestinians under occupation freely expressed at the ballot box. He reaffirmed his movement's commitment to democracy and the existing political system and that Hamas would not impose changes on people's way of life. Haniyeh said the government would continue to function, would restore law and order and reaffirm Hamas' commitment to national unity and the Mecca agreement. He called on all Hamas members to observe a general amnesty assuring any captured fighters of their safety (this followed media reports of a handful of summary executions of Fatah fighters). He also emphasized that Hamas' fight was not with Fatah as a whole, but only with those elements who had been actively collaborating -- a clear allusion to Dahlan and other Abbas advisors. He portrayed Hamas' takeover as a last resort in the wake of escalating lawlessness and coup attempts by collaborators, listing many alleged crimes that had finally caused Hamas' patience to snap. Haniyeh emphasized the unity of Gaza and the West Bank as "inseparable parts of the Palestinian nation," and he repeated a call for the captors of BBC correspondent Alan Johnston to free him immediately.
The contrast between Abbas' action and the Hamas response is striking. Abbas, perhaps pushed by the same coterie of advisors, seems to be escalating the confrontation and doing so when there is no reason to believe he can prevail. Hamas, while standing firm and from a position of strength, spoke in a language of conciliation, emphasizing time and again that Hamas has a problem with only a small group within Fatah, not its rank and file. Abbas, Dahlan and their backers must be surveying a sobering scene -- they may be tempted to try to take on Hamas in the West Bank, but the scale of their defeat in Gaza would have to give them pause.
Both leaderships are hemmed in. Abbas appears to be entirely dependent on foreign and Israeli support and unable to take decisions independent of a corrupt, self-serving clique. Hamas, whatever intentions it has is likely to find itself under an even tighter siege in Gaza .
Abbas, backed by Israel and the US , has called for a multinational force in Gaza . Hamas has rejected this, saying it would be viewed as an "occupying force." Indeed, they have reason to be suspicious: for decades Israel and the US blocked calls for an international protection force for Palestinians. The multinational force, Hamas fears, would not be there to protect Palestinians from their Israeli occupiers, but to perform the proxy role of protecting Israel 's interests that Dahlan's forces are longer able to carry out and to counter the resistance -- just as the multinational force was supposed to do in Lebanon after the July 2006 war.
Wise leaders in Israel and the United States would recognize that Hamas is not a passing phenomenon, and that they can never create puppet leaders who will be able to compete against a popular resistance movement. But there are no signs of wisdom: the US has now asked Israel to "loosen its grip" in the West Bank to try to give Abbas a boost. Although the Bush doctrine has suffered a blow, the Palestinian people have not won any great victory. The sordid game at their expense continues.
Ali Abunimah is cofounder of the online publication The Electronic Intifada and author of One Country: A Bold Proposal to End the Israeli-Palestinian Impasse

6:45 pm

Tuesday, May 08, 2007

Malaysian Qur'anic PSPs
KUALA LUMPUR — Seeking to use modern technology to bond young Muslims to their holy book, a Malaysian student of digital media has created a software to read the Qur'an on the handheld PlayStation portables (PSPs).

"This application can help younger people to read the Qur'an," Ikhwan Nazri Mohamad Asran told Agence France Presse (AFP) on Tuesday, May 8.
The program will make it possible for the first time to use the PSPs -- well-known devices usually used for surfing the internet via WIFI connections, listening to MP3s and viewing movies -- to read the Qur'an.

People could simply download an English-language version of the Qur'an, with displays in Arabic script from the internet and then read it with the help of illustrations on their PSPs.
"People have to download all the files, put it into their memory stick and then they can read it," said Ikhwan, a final-year student at Malaysia's Multimedia University (MMU).
"All the instructions are included."

The Malaysian high-tech savvy was inspired by a similar version designed for the Bible.
"They did the Bible, so why not do the Qur'an."

With the help of 10 more enthusiast colleagues, Ikhwan started developing the software between his studies for about four months.

The PlayStation Qur'an will be available for free-of-charge download on Ikhwan's website,, after May 19.
Play & Pray

Ikhwan and his digital media colleagues have already launched other projects aiming at connecting faith with the essence of high-technology.

The 21-year-old student hopes the new software would help younger Muslims, along with their parents, see the brighter side of modern technology.

"For some parents, when we talk about the Internet, all they see is porn, the bad things," he told AFP.

"When we talk about the PlayStation, all they see is gaming and spending too much time not studying."

Ikhwan wanted to show that modern technology could be used for more than just entertainment.

"A mother can say, 'Read the Qur'an first and then I'll let you play games.'"

Ikhwan and his team of animators and graphics designers are now working on the software to include Qur'an recitations.

They have already launched other projects aiming at connecting faith with the essence of high-technology including The Raise, an English-language magazine targeting PSP gamers and dedicated to spreading knowledge about Islam.

"We focus on giving information on Islam and clearing misconceptions that non-Muslims have about Muslims," Ikhwan said.

6:35 pm

Tuesday, May 01, 2007


Tulisan ini adalah artikel m/s 7 Daily Mirror hari ini 01/05/07, United Kingdom. Artikel adalah berkenaan Omar Khyam yang dikatakan telah merancang letupan keatas Blue Water. Omar yang juga dikatakan mendapat inspirasi dari peristiwa 9/11 yang juga kawan kepada Mohammad Sidique Khan dan Shehzad Tanweer, dua pengebom 7/7, telah beberapa kali menghadiri majlis Omar Bakri dan Abu Hamzah. Artikel tersebut juga menyatakan beberapa kali bahawa, perubahan sikap Omar sebagai seorang pengganas bermula selepas dia menjadi seorang Muslim yang bertadayyun. Ini jelas menunjukkan bahawa penulis tersebut, tanpa syak, menjadikan beramal dengan Islam adalah punca penglibatan Omar dengan keganasan.

Namun apa yang ingin saya highlight(kan) di sini bukan yang demikian, tapi sesuatu yang lebih menarik dan jelas penipuannya. Ia adalah berkenaan Tuan Guru Haji Abdul Hadi Awang. Dengan gambar yang jelas di sisinya, artikel tersebut menulis: AL-QAEDA: Abdul Hadi. Khyam boasted of working for the al-Qaeda No 3. Abdul Hadi was captured last year and is now in Guantanamo Bay.

Adakah ini pakatan mereka yang di sini dengan mereka yang di sana. Antara UMNO and Labour, atau antara Malaysia dan UK untuk menjatuhkah gerakan Islam di negara kita sambil-sambil memperburukkan nama Islam dengan kisah dan peristiwa kegasanan yang semakin hari semakin banyak. Hidangan demi hidangan kita disajikan, menjadikan minda kita sarat dengan gambaran buruk tentang agama tersayang.

Pilihanraya di negara kita semakin dekat, memandangkan setiap jentera kerajaan dah disiapkan bagi memastikan kemenangan parti pimpinan dan anutan golongan syaitan. Cuma kesilapan lawan yang ditunggu sebelum langkah dibuka. Wajah buruk dibuat-buat andai boleh merubah hati pengundi. Isu yang tiada diadakan juga, andai ia menjadi laku, tidak ia menjadi sia-sia.

Beginilah cara mereka, rekaan dan dusta adalah paradigma yang utama. Modus operandi mereka yang di sini dan mereka yang di sana adalah sama. Bapa borek anak rintik.

Hanya Allah yang tahu tujuan mereka, dan hanya kepada Allah kita mendoakan laknat dan nestapa terhadap kaum yang zalim.

11:42 pm

Tuesday, March 27, 2007

Berapa ramaikah antara kita yang mengambil cakna akan tarikh hijri, tidak ramai bukan? apatah lagi bila ditanya tentang peristiwa-peristiwa dalam Islam, agaknya hanya Ramadan dan raya yang diketahui.

Akhir minggu ini genaplah 12 Rabi' al-Awal A.H. 1428, tahukah anda apakah rahmat Allah yang dikurniakan kepada manusia pada tarikh tersebut lebih 1400 tahun yang lalu? bukankah telah dilahirkan nabi akhir zaman yang telah disifatkan Allah sebagai "rahmatan lil-a'lamin". Dialah nabi junjungan Muhammad S.A.W.

Kalian menyambut atau tidak perayaan itu bukan menjadi persoalan disini. Saya hanya mengingatkan tarikh besar tersebut. Serta selawat dan salamlah keatas junjungan besar nabi Muhammad S.A.W. sebanyak yang termampu.

5:45 pm

Thursday, November 23, 2006

Its Back

Bigger & Better Than BeforeMore Exciting & Thrilling Than Before

The Global Peace and Unity Event
25th & 26th November 2006

The wait is over! Islam Channel brings back to you the long awaited Global Peace & Unity Event. This year it’s even more spectacular, with a vision which is ahead of its time.
The Global Peace & Unity event, the first of its kind originated in Europe, was organised to highlight and promote the need for global peace and unity among Britain’s varied and distinct communities.

This family event also seeks to break barriers and open bridges between the variety of cultures and groups that follow the Islamic faith, as well as with other communities with whom we share our space.

The Global Peace & Unity Event aims:
To provide a platform for entertainment and knowledge.
To encourage understanding and positive interaction between the Muslims and Non Muslims.
To introduce the British Muslims and Non Muslims to the true face of Islam.
Dispel the myths surrounding the Islamic faith and to promote dialogue.
To build bridges across faiths, communities and societies.
To promote Muslim businesses, Islamic culture and art.
Be part of this landmark event which will once again make history.Experience this once in a life moment filled with entertainment, knowledge and exploration.

9:41 am

Monday, August 07, 2006

Al Arabiyya Summer Intensive Arabic Course at EIHS14 - 25 August 2006

As Sirat - The Path to Knowledge, in partnership with EIHS, presents: Al Arabiyyah, Summer Intensive Arabic Course, Wales 2006

Accommodation for 10 nights in an Islamic Environment
On-site Mosque
Fully catered
Course taught by students of Islamic Law, qualified in Arabic .
Classes from 9am-12pm every weekday
Male teacher for brothers
Female teacher for sisters
Creche available during teaching hours Plus : Question and Answer Fatwa session with Sheikh Dr. Izzudeen Abdur Rahman (al-Azhar) and Sheikh Abdullah al-Juday' (European Fatwa Council)*

Set in the scenic location of Llanybydder, West Wales. A Perfect opportunity to enjoy a family holiday in an Islamic environment while also benefiting from a beginners course in Arabic.

The course text is A New Arabic Grammar by Haywood & Nahmad. The course serves as a firm grounding for further deeper learning of the classical language. Hopeful students are required to be able to read and write.

Standard Price £280 per person
Economy Price £210 per person

For further course information please call 01570 480 172 or email

2:51 pm